Introducing CoolCell®

Stay confident and embrace your skin with CoolCell®.

CoolCell® using CooLifting® technology is a new, highly effective way to counteract cellulite in women. In one test group 75% of the subjects witnessed great or spectacular changes on their skin.

Non-invasive Coolcell® targets areas of concern and reduces cellulite and localized fats.

During your treatment we use a handheld device to apply high pressure carbon dioxide and low temperature. This increases blood perfusion and tissue oxygenation to reduce fat. Low temperature especially is key in anti-inflammatory and fat-reducing treatments.

An anti-cellulite serum containing glaucine, caffeine and carnitine is applied alongside treatment to reduce fat, drain retained liquid and prepare your skin for future treatments. Combined the device and serum amplify the effectiveness of active ingredients for spectacular results.

Embrace your beauty this Fall with CoolCell®. Book an appointment with us and hold your head high with confidence.


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