Eurowave Pro

Eurowave Pro is an electro muscle stimulator that targets a specific area for specific inch loss. The Eurowave machine uses pulsating faradic waves, 400Hz and 600Hz which contract and relax the muscles, and is ideally suited for firming and toning. Due to the low voltage, there is no risk of shock. As the tingling progresses, the sensation which has been likened to feeling like pins and needles becomes like a wave coming from the sides to the center of the tummy. A sensational feeling.

The Eurowave works like a tens unit, and “works out” muscle groups similar to the effects of isometric exercise. The treatment begins with muscles closest to the surface of the skin, progressively working larger muscles. By stimulating them in this way, Eurowave produces the results of 200 perfect sit-ups without the effort or pain in under twenty minutes. The results? Toned and tightened abdominal muscles with a normal loss of 1-3 inches.

Transform the shape of your body with Eurowave!  

Core muscles in women often stretch during pregnancy and are cut for C-section births. It is the lament of many women that after the birth of their children, their flat stomach became a thing of the past. This treatment can get your flat tummy back. Eurowave works muscles gently, also firming and tightening hips and thighs.

While the Eurowave machine can lift and contour the body by building new muscle mass, it also features programs for other successful treatments. Sports injuries, stress, premenstrual problems, including fluid retention, and certain back conditions respond well to this type of therapy.

The procedure has been known to increase energy levels after treatment due to excess fluids and toxins being expelled from the body through the lymphatic system. An ideal treatment for immediate inch loss where you need it most while reducing cellulite and removing unsightly bulges.

Your program is chosen based on age, size, weight and various other factors. Measurements are taken before and after the procedure so you can see immediate results. The treatment itself is relaxing and can be accomplished in the amount of time it takes to go out to lunch. Eurowave will have you feeling great and looking great. What are you waiting for? Contact us at (317) 564-4866 to schedule an appointment, or view our pricing page for more information.