Summer Open Houses: Coolifting, Venus Legacy and Body Contour Wraps

Join us for The New You Summer 2018 Open Houses. During our open houses we offer discounts on all products, skin care and massage services. Receive a free gift and a chance to win a FREE service!

Summer Open House Dates are:
Carmel – Thursday, July 12th
Fishers – Friday, July 13th
10 a.m. – 4 p.m. both days!

Pamper your skin during summer’s hot days. Our CooLifting procedure hydrates skin and stimulates underlying tissue to melt years from your appearance in just minutes. Diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for visibly tighter, smoother skin. Effective for all skin types. Enjoy summer as your youthful, radiant self.  Best results visible after a series of 3 procedures and maintained through monthly treatments.



It’s beach season and your time to shine. Reach your body goals with our Venus Legacy contouring procedure to achieve a flatter abdomen, toned butt and tightened skin. Venus Legacy is a go-to treatment for celebrities and fashion models everywhere and now you can achieve the same amazing results. It’s entirely pain free and renews the body’s ability to create new collagen. Safe for all skin tones. Embrace your confidence!



Our Body Contour wraps are another way to help achieve your toned summer body. Try our Universal Contourwrap or Eurowave treatments. These treatments can reduce inches and exercise targeted muscle areas. Kick-start your journey to a healthier, more radiant you.

Here’s a testimonial from Lesley Dalin, a graduate from Beauty Boot Camp:

“After a year of house building stress, I signed up for the Beauty Boot Camp. The name makes it sound like it might be hard work to get into shape, but in reality it was an incredibly relaxing, stress relieving experience. The Universal Contour Wraps were a huge surprise! I have not felt that relaxed in years; I think I may have dropped off to sleep. And what a bonus that I lost not only inches, but also had the benefits of detoxification as well.

The Eurowave treatments were the perfect compliment to the wraps. These treatments also helped to reduce inches and exercised the muscles in the specific areas that I wanted to target… This experience has given me a kick-start and the incentive to get back on the track to a healthier and more beautiful me.”

Relax and head into summer confident and stress-free! You deserve it!

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