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You were hoping to wait until the New Year to start shedding that mid-holiday belly. And then, surprise! You’re going on a pre-New Year cruise!

Maybe with the holidays ramping up, your workout took a backseat. Surprise! Your niece finally found the man of her dreams and is getting married? How exciting! In a week?! You grimace, knowing how those wedding pictures last forever.

You always want to look and feel your best, but sometimes a few pounds slip by or you fall off of our fitness schedule. If every waistband in your closet is pinching at your tummy you could use a little reset. Maybe those slacks that made your backside look so fantastic need a kick in the seat. Possibly, with the holidays invading your schedule, you don’t have time (or the patience) to take off extra inches in a conventional (translate time-consuming) way.

Only have 7 days? What can anyone do in a week? Where is a person to turn in a moment of crises?

I’ve only got a week, can you help?

Now to better serve you, New You is now offering HOLIDAY EXPRESS QUICK FIX. The TBT Contouring Wrap contains a proprietary blend of all-natural minerals. Bandages are presoaked and warmed then applied to your body giving you a fast, effective and sustainable inch loss.

The mixture consists largely of bentonite clay, a natural detoxifying agent. Bentonite behaves like a magnet when applied to the surface of your skin. It is able to draw toxins through warmed skin pores.

Toxins are found in the fluid between and surrounding fat cells. During this hour-long process, you may choose to enjoy a refreshing facial, hand or foot massage, catch up on that sizzling novel you’ve been reading or even catch a nap. Your relaxation level during this treatment encourages the body to relinquish unwanted toxins, the more you relax, the more toxins you release.

Magical Measurable Benefits

Used for centuries, bentonite’s healing properties include unclogging and shrinking of pores, making skin softer, exfoliating skin, and regenerating skin tissue. Because we expect fabulous results, bentonite is the key ingredient in our mixture. Our TBT Contouring Wrap accommodates the North American Body Shape. Our wrapping protocol can give targeted inch loss in your most stubborn areas.

This specialized treatment leaves your skin hydrated and soft, usually with a visible inch loss around 8 – 10”. The TBT Contouring Wrap can help large and petite body shapes. From blushing brides (and wedding party attendants!) desperate to lose inches before the wedding, to clients desiring a deep detox or new mothers wanting to improve skin tone after weight loss or pregnancy. Many men also enjoy the immediate toning and tightening benefits of TBT Contouring Wrap. Whatever the reason, this treatment is a sure-fire winner for guaranteed results in just 2 hours.

Amplify Results with Treatment Pairing

As part of the TBT Contouring Wrap, we also offer a sectional wrap for our clients with just one targeted area of focus. This sectional wrap takes only an hour and is fantastic for skin toning and tightening. You’ll love the speed and ease of the treatment. So whether you choose to do a full body wrap or focus on just one spot; you’ll achieve fast, effective, long-lasting results.

Additionally, TBT Contouring Wrap can be paired with the EUROWAVE PRO. When doing this, a unique synergy occurs and the results of the two combined treatments are astonishing. Discover the treatments and pairings that will work best for you and what sort of magic we can make happen for you. Contact our office today and schedule your consultation or first appointment. We look forward to seeing your smile when you see the results.


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