No More Tight Jeans with Total Body Transformation

Total Body Transformation

Fall is here in Indiana, and many of us are pulling our trusty ol’ blue jeans out of storage—only to discover they’re a bit tighter than we’d like. You don’t want to go jeans shopping (both for the hassle and the money), but you also don’t want to walk around feeling uncomfortable in your clothes.

Well, don’t give up just yet. Our staff at The New You Esthetics in Carmel, IN, have two total body transformation solutions that just may be game-changers you’ve been looking for!

1. Universal Contour Wrap

You may have heard about body wraps but quickly dismissed them. “Surely,” you thought, “Losing inches can’t be that simple.” Well, we’re happy to tell you, “You’re wrong.”

The Universal Contour Wrap is a full-body wrap made up of mineral rich clay, and when applied with special wrapping techniques, the wrap cleanses your body and draws out toxins while at the same time compresses your fatty tissues. The result? Instant inches lost and a more-sculpted physique.

In fact, the makers of Universal Contour Wrap are so confident in their product and the results that they have some pretty amazing guarantees. If you don’t experience six inches lost during your first treatment, then you don’t pay! Even more so, if your six inches lost doesn’t last for at least 30 days, you’ll get another body wrap treatment free of charge.

2. Eurowave

Another total body transformation technology that’s quickly gaining attention is the Eurowave. The Eurowave is a machine that targets troublesome muscle groups (often buns, belly, thighs, and so on) by using a pulsating faradic wave on that specific area. Our technicians will hook you up to the Eurowave machine, and after about 18 minutes of pulsating waves, your muscles may feel like they just had an intense workout. Most Eurowave users experience noticeable changes in inches lost after just one session.

Get Started Today

The good news is that these total body transformation techniques are not exclusive. In fact, we offer both of these services at The New You Esthetics as part of our anti-aging regimen. Losing inches and feeling more comfortable in those jeans could be as easy as picking up the phone and making an appointment.

To get started today, contact our Carmel location by calling (317) 564-4865 or our Fishers location at (317) 564-4866.


photo credit: Public Domain via pixabay

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