Achieve The Springtime Glow You Deserve!


By now you probably know that eating healthy, exercise, and hydration are some of the best ways to maintaining your body’s natural life-glow. What you might not know is that our services can help you achieve the glow you’ve been searching for, while minimizing the work it takes to get there. Embrace an all new you this Spring! 

Introducing the Eurowave, CooLifting and Cocoon Wellness: three unique services that are non-invasive, needle-free, and overall healthy, relaxing alternatives to work-outs. These New You Esthetics beauty services focus on helping you achieve a more youthful look and feel.

The Eurowave

This service is unlike any other. In approximately 18 minutes, the Eurowave targets specific muscle groups, using wave-like pulses to help shed those extra pounds. It’s a wonderful addition to our service suite. Why go to the gym when you can lose the dead weight in minutes, rather than days or months? Planning on vacation this summer at the beach? The Eurowave is a game changer when it comes to slimming down in a hurry. 

Cocoon Wellness

Our Cocoon Wellness Pod helps cleanse, detoxify, and increase circulation throughout the body. During the fall and winter joints and muscles become tight and stiff. One session in our Cocoon Wellness Pod, and the infrared light and dry heat begin to work their magic and revert those negative patterns that added up over colder months. The dry heat specifically helps speed up metabolic rates, burning calories while you relax. Add essential oils, and the skin will soak up the aromatherapy, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated.


To top it all off, CooLifting is a unique facial therapy that will help you feel confident in your own skin again. This five-minute treatment can be used on the neck, face, and chest, and doesn’t require needles to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. CooLifting blends Hyaluronate (HA) serum and cold Carboxy (C02) to produce the results you’ve been waiting for. While illumination can be achieved almost immediately, in 12-24 hours you’ll begin to notice lifting, tightening effects.

At The New You Esthetics, your comfort and self-confidence are our focus. Check out our monthly specials and book a service with one of our expert aestheticians today.

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