Pair-Up to Amplify the New Beautiful You

Look beautiful by pairing up facial services with CooLift

Which of these scenarios describes your circumstance?

A. You’re attending an event where photographers will certainly be present (awards banquet, wedding, you’re the keynote speaker) and since photos last forever, you want to put your best face forward.

B. With your class reunion just around the corner, you’re determined to look the best they’ve ever seen you.

C. You’re mid-career change, planning to start doing podcasts or getting family portraits done and you want to look fantastic.

D. You just want to look amazing.

If you selected any one of the choices above or several (how awesome are you!) chances are you want results in pretty short order. If you prefer an expedient, non-invasive procedure, with no tell-tale scars, we wrote this post with you in mind! 

We can’t say enough about our popular CooLifting facials.

The CooLifting tool is referred to as the Beauty Gun that removes 10 years in 5 minutes! Fewer things are faster, safer or more effective.

Because of this, our clients love this new procedure which allows them to arrive with sagging, wrinkled skin and leave rejuvenated and radiating in the time it takes to meet for coffee. No needles, no pain, no recovery time and no negative side effects. See visible results immediately which fully bloom within 24 hours.

Even more great news, the effects of CooLifting can enhance other skin treatments and remove the redness of micro needling and other facial procedures. Speak with your skin care specialist about pairing Microdermabrasion or one of our Chemical Peels with CooLifing to amplify your results.

Our microdermabrasion process uses the DiamondTome™ Skin Resurfacing System, tiny crystals sprayed onto the skin. This technique gently removes the outer layer of skin leaving skin looking softer and brighter.

Throughout August, and because our clients totally love with this popular procedure, we’re now offering CooLifting packages. Choose the one that works best for you. Look gorgeous now, throughout the fall and into the Winter Holiday Season.

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