Hydrate Your Skin for Winter

Tired of having dry, dull skin in the wintertime? The combination of the wind and lack of humidity can leave your face feeling flaky. At The New You Esthetics, our specialists can wake your skin out of hibernation and restore your natural glow.

Revitalizing Oxygen Facials

Although winter may be the perfect time to curl up with a blanket at home, a trip to our Fishers or Carmel location will be worth the satisfaction of ridding your dry-skin woes. Our oxygen facials offer the perfect solution for targeting the effects of winter.

Why are oxygen facials one of the best services for the cold season? See below for the top benefits of oxygen facials:

  1. Oxygen is Vital: We need O2 to survive; it is essential to maintaining healthy cells. Winter’s dry air greatly reduces oxygen content, so our skin care services can replenish what’s lacking in your environment.
  2. Slows Down Aging: Remember when we mentioned the importance of repairing cells? As we age, oxygen does not penetrate the cells as efficiently. Our oxygen-enriched facials will make your skin plumper and younger looking.
  3. Other Benefits: Not only are oxygen-infused facials beneficial for alleviating dry skin and fine lines, but they also improve blood circulation to the face, giving an overall boost to your complexion.

Valentine’s Day Special

Buy Three Oxygen Facials, Get One Free!

Contour Wraps

Another way to beat the sluggish feeling of winter is to visit The New You Esthetics for our Universal Contour Wrap. Our enriching clay will cleanse your body and leave your skin feeling soft, and it will drop a few inches off as well.

Are you ready to pamper yourself? From body wraps to facials, The New You Esthetics can give you the retreat you need. Call our licensed skin care experts at (317) 564-4865 to schedule an appointment in Carmel. For our Fishers location, please call our staff at (317) 564-4866.

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