3 Ways to Love Your Body This Spring

This month we’re highlighting some of our most requested services. Look great on the beach for your Spring Break Vacation or boost your confidence and feel gorgeous. Schedule a session with one of our most popular treatments.

25% off Eurowave Pro

The Eurowave treatment takes less than twenty minutes. Designed to flatten the tummy and remove inches through muscle contraction, the treatment itself is relaxing. A program is chosen based on the age, size, weight and various other factors of the client. We’ll take your measurements before and after the procedure.

The Eurowave works superficial and larger muscles to help you get you the muscle tone you want. Kickstart your diet or exercise plan and make this the year you acquire those enviable abs. Core muscles in women often stretch during pregnancy and are cut for C-section births. It is the lament of many women that after the children are born their flat stomach is a thing of the past. This treatment can get your flat tummy back. Low voltage means no risk of electric shock. Progressive tingling becomes like a wave coming from the sides to the center of the tummy. A sensational feeling.

10% off Universal Contour Wrap

Our specially trained therapist applies warm, clay-saturated bandages. Using only the highest quality ingredients, our specialized body wrapping techniques help cleanse your body and draw out toxins. This helps to further compress soft fatty tissues. Utilizing high quality, mineral rich clay, inches melt away creating a noticeable, body sculpting effect. This relaxing treatment typically takes an hour. Prepare to be amazed when your therapist reveals your before and after measurements.

We use genuine Contour Wrap bandages.The world-famous body wrap offers a unique double guarantee. That is, if you don’t lose 6 inches (15cm) from your first treatment, you won’t pay a penny! What’s more, if you don’t maintain a 6-inch loss for at least 30 days, you will be offered another treatment absolutely free! To ensure your Body Wrap is genuine you’ll receive an official certificate displaying a security hologram with a unique serial number after each individual treatment.

25 % off My Cocoon Wellness Pod

MyCocoon Wellness Pod contains an Ergonomic Contour Bed and Soft Cushion Pillow leaves your head out while you lie in it, fully and comfortably supported. Exposure to infrared heat helps stiff joints and muscles become more supple, increasing flexibility. Dry heat exposure opens pores which aids in releasing toxins and absorbing treatments. And, lastly, MyCocoon Wellness Pod encourages relaxation with a full body vibrational massage therapy. This creates a perfect setting for meditation.
Infrared lights heat you, not the air. No more stifling sauna. But like a sauna, it aids in detoxifying the body through perspiring and dilating blood vessels. This increases circulation, stimulates calorie burning and the production of collagen. Additional benefits include improved skin, immune system strengthening, pain relief and reduced stress & fatigue

Increase the benefit and wellness experience of MyCocoon by adding essential oils. Aromatherapy delivered by MyCocoon also is absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin. This invigorating treatment typically lasts forty minutes and will leave you feeling revived and refreshed.

Don’t miss out. Be sure to schedule one of these amazing services with us and check out our monthly specials.

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